17 April 2012

Long Louis Tomlinson Imagine II

You're walking in the streets of London sightseeing. Suddenly you see 5 guys appear, they are walking your way and you're walking their way. You're getting nervous cause they seem to be very good looking, when they come closer you find out that they're One Direction. You can't believe, you're glad you finally have seen them in real life but at the same time you feel like running away cause you're so scared. They're looking at you at smile. You shyly smile back and when they walk next to you. Suddenly your phone rings:
"Woah You're popular Someone's calling you. pick up your phone! Come on I'm a busy guy! I can't hang around inside your phone all day! Answer it!"
You immediately grab your bags to look for it, you forgot where you left your phone and they're looking at you and laughing. You look at them and smile embarrassing. You finally found it.
"Hello, am I talking to [yn]?"
"Yes you are! What's up?"
"Well if I'm right you're dancing, aren't you?"
"Yes I am."
"Well I want to offer you a chance, I've seen some videos of you dancing and we would love to help you building a career as a professional dancer!"
"Really? I would absolutely love to!"
You get tears in your eyes and One Direction is still watching you.
"Can we meet tomorrow or something?"
"I would love to but I'm currently in London so I'm afraid I can't!"
"That's not a problem, we're located in London either! You can come over there tomorrow."
"That would be amazing! Could you call back tonight?"
"No problem! We're really happy that you wanna take this chance! Talk to you tonight!"
"aww thanks! Talk to you later!"
You hang up the phone and jump in the air and do a little dance of joy. Suddenly you realize that One Direction is still watching you, you stop and put a embarrassing smile on your face.
"I'm sorry I just did that but I just got some amazing news!"
"It's okay, may I ask what that amazing news is?" Louis asks.
"Sure! Well I'm a dancer and my dream is to become a professional dancer. So because of that I dance a lot and I posted some videos on youtube. And now someone called me that he has seen the videos and thinks I'm really good so he wants to offer me a chance to become a professional dancer!"
" Yeah,that's really amazing!"
Suddenly your phone rings again, again with that ringtone, which is so awkward when you stand in front of them.
"Hi [yn]! I just called our establishment in London and they're very busy but they have time now! So if you have time now you can visit them."
"Really? That's great! I'll come now! Can you give me the address?"
He gives he an address and they you hang up.
You smile.
"Guys, I think I need your help!"
"What's up?"
"I have to go to this address but I have no idea where it is. So maybe you can guide me?"
"We have to discuss this for a second!"
Louis immediately shouts.
"But Louis we didn't discuss it!"
"I know but we'll do it!"
You laugh.
"Come on guys! We can't let this beautiful girl search this place by herself! We know where it is!"
"Okay Louis, this time we will!"
You walk to the address with them. You and Louis talk the whole walk. Harry seems to be a little bit jealous but then he just join you. When you arrive there you say goodbye to each of them. Each of them gives you a hug. Louis is the last.
"I would really love to see you again! Here's my number!"
"Thanks! I would love to either! I'm here for the whole week so, enough time to do something together!"
"Are we lucky! Cause we haven't planned much this week! I would like to see you every day until your last day in London, then I want to see every time we're in the same country and I want to Skype with you every day. I don't wanna miss your smile and your face for one single day! This happened for a reason and I think that this thing will last forever!"
"aww Louis that is so sweet! Do you mean every word of it?"
"I do with all me heart! I saw you and wanted to make you mine but didn't know what to do. I heard your ringtone and knew you had to like me. I heard about your amazing news and wanted to hug and kiss you. And then you said you needed our help and I knew this was my chance! I'll put a picture of you in my wallet, make you the background of my phone & everything cause my biggest fear now is never seeing your pretty face again and never touch you again. So please allow me to do this! And I'll make you my girlfriend as soon as we get to know each other better!"
You totally melt and look deep into his eyes.
"Of course I want this! I can't wait for this to happen cause you already have my heart!"
You say goodbye to him, give him a tight hug and kiss him. Then you get into the building.
At night you decide to call Louis to tell him what happened.
"Hello, this is Louis."
"Hi, Louis! It's [yn]. I call you to tell about this afternoon."
"Oh yeah, how did everything go?"
"Very well! I'm so happy, I have to dance on tuesday as a test and if everything goes right, they'll offer me a job a professional dancer!"
"That's amazing! This deserves a dinner at my place with a movie and everything! Tell me where you are and I'll pick you up!"
"Aww Louis! That's so sweet!"
You tell him where you are. After a few minutes a car stops in front of you hotel. Louis gets out and runs your way. He grabs you and swings you around. He gives you a kiss on the lips.
"I'm so happy for you!"
Then you walk to his car, he opens the door for you and closes it after. Then he get's in at his side and drives to his apartment.

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